4th Annual Bonita Springs Short Film Festival


This film competition is an annual celebration of the City of Bonita Springs and is open to ALL genres, ages, and levels of skill. A panel of citizens of Bonita will judge each submission accordingly.

This year’s festival topic is dedicated to the history of Bonita Springs: “Historic Bonita Springs”.

Pick any subject matter and genre (comedy, drama, documentary, western, etc.) with a clear reference to the history of Bonita Springs and make a film/video from 1 minute to 10 minutes long, with an interesting story for everyone to enjoy.

We’ll say it again: the minimum length is 1 (one) minute and the max is 10 (ten) minutes – We will be very strict about this rule.

To get you started, here is a link to the Bonita Springs Historic Society where you can find all sorts of ideas and information about our City’s history.


EVERY film MUST contain at least 30 seconds of footage of Bonita Springs. You may use additional footage shot in other locations, as long as you hold the rights to that footage.
Photograph sequences are acceptable as long as they do not exceed 50% of the film’s length – We will also be very strict about this rule.

Films must be shot in at least 720p. Your Iphone or Android will do just fine, though make sure you keep close attention to the sound. If you need a camcorder we might also be able to provide you with one, though keep in mind that those resources are limited, can only be assigned on a first-come first-serve basis and for only a pre-determined length of time.

All entries must be “PG-13” rated for all audiences and must be submitted either in hand on a DVD(-) format, or uploaded onto our website. No mailing submissions will be accepted.

Remember to upload the highest possible quality and be prepared to submit a flash drive with of your best high-resolution master within a week of being notified, should your entry be selected as a finalist. Failure to do so will make the organization to show your original online submission.

You must submit an application, which you can download on this website, stating all copyright ownership. You may submit as many entries as you want though each entry must be accompanied by a separate entry application.

All submitted entries will receive an official e-mail from the Film Festival organization confirming its acceptance.

DEADLINE: No mailing submissions are acceptable. Entries must be uploaded onto this website no later than midnight of Sunday October 15th, 2017.

If you have submitted an entry but have not received a film submission confirmation from the organization you must contact us NO LATER than October 15th.

Deadline extensions must be previously authorized in writing by the Festivals’ Director.

AWARDS: This year we have $2250 in cash awards to reward our filmmakers, to be handed at the Red carpet Gala and Awards Ceremony at the PRADO Stadium 12 Theaters in Bonita Springs.

A panel of Bonitian judges selected by the organization will determine the HENDERSON FRANKLIN BEST OVERALL FILM AWARD which carries not only bragging rights, and a trophy, but also a $1,000 cash award.

In addition, the judges will also determine the winners of FIVE other trophies and cash awards for the following categories:

1. The Momentum Brewhouse for Best Educational Film, to award the most educational and informational film about our City’s history – $250
2. The PRADO Stadium 12 Technical Achievement Award, for the most professionally looking film – $250
3. The Fine Mark Best Aspiring Film Maker Award, for contestants under 18 – $250
4. The Kathy McGrath award, for the best depiction of the City of Bonita Springs – $250
5. The Heaven’s Scent People’s Choice Award, voted at the Film Festival gala by the audience – $250

A collage of 20 seconds’ segments of all accepted films will be shown at the Gala, though only the top finalists’ entries, as chosen by the jury, will be shown in their entirety for the audience to appreciate and vote on. The top finalists will be notified one week before the gala.

IMPORTANT: If you have any questions about location permits and filming authorizations please call us or email us in advance so we can provide with the necessary contact information. There are City ordinances about drones and other regulations that you must follow at all times. Don’t take any chances. We will help you with the paperwork as much as we can but ultimately you are the sole responsible for your actions. So have fun but remember to be considerate to your fellow citizens, respect their privacy and follow every City and traffic regulation at all times.